Texas Immigration and Migration

Lesson Plan for Immigration to Texas
Seventh Grade


Learning Objectives: The student can explain immigration and migration across multiple centuries in Texas. The student will analyze how immigration and migration to Texas over the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries have influenced Texas. TEKS §113.23. Social Studies, Grade 7. (11)(B)

The learner will understand the importance of immigration to Texas. TEKS §113.23. Social Studies, Grade 7. (b)(3)(A)(B)

The learner will understand the geographical significance of immigration to Texas. TEKS §113.23. Social Studies, Grade 7. (b)(9)(A)

The learner will apply critical-thinking skills to organize and use information acquired from a variety of sources, including electronic technology-based primary sources. TEKS §113.23. Social Studies, Grade 7. (21)(A)(B)(C)(D)(F)

The learner will communicate in written and oral forms, incorporating main and supporting ideas. TEKS §113.23. Social Studies, Grade 7. (22)(A)(B)(C)(D)

Language Objectives: The learner will utilize key vocabulary in small group discussions and in presentation of the student's creation. (immigrate, emigrate, migrate, migrant, et al.)

The learner will use terminology from elements of culture lessons to demonstrate prior knowledge.

The learner will acquire vocabulary from the parlance of the time of cultural group studied and apply them to today.

Assumptions: Students will have an understanding of diverse immigrant groups, demographics, and settlement patterns in Texas.

Driving Questions: How has immigration to Texas changed over time? How have those patterns affected the culture (and cultural elements) of Texas? Who were these people that immigrated to Texas? What was life like for them?

Materials: Students will work with primary source documents (online newspapers) to learn
more about immigration and migration to Texas.

Graphic Organizers: KWL chart, Compare and Contrast, Mapping Diversity

Anticipatory Set: Lino wall for students to list reasons that people move from one place to another.

Instructional Input: Using firsthand accounts, students will discuss various aspects of immigration to Texas. Students will research by exploring online newspapers and articles by using the permalinks to read about actual events related to immigration.

Instructional Strategies: Brainstorming, Peer Discussion, Cooperative Learning Groups, Role Play, Journaling, Storytelling, Games

Ideas for Activities and Assessments: Creating game based quizzes, presentations of sites, blog posts, and student creations, storytelling through videos, cartoons, comics, etc. My expectations for your activities to include will vary from partner group to group. If you are unsure if you have met the expectations for your creations, please let me know through any of our various communication methods (Celly, Edmodo, class backchannel), or do more to demonstrate the knowledge that you have acquired through this project.

Ideas for Student Technology Use: Creating Maps, Graphs, and Charts utilizing Google Sheets or cloud based charting or graphing applications, Blogging about research process and presentation on own site, creating presentations with Google Slides, Metta, eMaze, or any number of cloud based presentation tools

I would like you to create a web site (Weebly, Wix, Google Site) to demonstrate your understanding of the influence of immigration and migration on the state of Texas. You will include your research and your thoughts and opinions that came from your time spent researching. You may embed a video that you create as well as any relevant YouTube videos. You must utilize a technology tool to tell the story of an immigrant coming to Texas to be included in your post. You may link to the resource that you created if you cannot embed it. Below you will find a Symbaloo with approved resources and tools to help you get started, though you may use others that you find as well. You will need to keep notes from each day of research in your own row of this Google doc.

To submit your site or blog post, you will need to reply to the assignment post in Edmodo, add your post to this Listly to share with other teachers and students across the globe, and complete the Reflection Google form. We will present our findings and creations with another Texas History class from El Paso, Texas via Google Hangout on Friday.