Help for Getting Caught Up

Hi there! I'm sure that I should have made our first class post here a "Welcome to Splendora High School!" one. I hope you do feel welcome and comfortable in class. Please reach out to me if you are struggling or need help with anything. I wanted us to get off to a fast start, and I believe that we have done a lot in just two weeks. I said that I'd post the videos for the first and second weeks here, so they are available below. Here are the missions that you should have completed at this point:
  • Create and publish your blog site
  • Edit your About and Contact pages
  • Create your image for the #onelittleword project in PicMonkey
  • Create and post your #onelittleword image to your blog as your first post and included 2 paragraphs of text with it (see Hillbilly Day video)
  • Create a quote image with your favorite quote and a suitable image using Canva
  • Post your quote image along with an accompanying paragraph as your second blog post
  • Choose images to layer in GIMP
  • Open the images in GIMP and begin manipulating them as layers and using appropriate tools to make the image look as realistic as possible

Of course, there are many better GIMP videos to explain how you may best use the tools. Check them out as well.